Battle Over

Summer Survival 2017 has finished. Eighteen teams including those from Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy and Turkey completed this demanding competition. The International Championship of the Czech Armed Forces - Summer Survival has been ended today with the results announcement ceremony at the military base in Vyškov.


Wake up!

Reveille that the contestants did not anticipate. Another march they did not count on. 5:45 a.m... coordinates of the destination... pack the bivouac fast and go. Those who did not make it to the finish in time to catch a ride were penalized with penalty points. There were two such

The Race Is Hotting Up

21:30. The last team made it to the finish of the second marching phase and day 3 is over. The contestants can enjoy their well-earned rest. In the last two days, they have done 40 kilometres on foot and run in a discipline called Radio Orienteering. In that task, one team member used a radio to direct the rest of them to points marked on his map.

The Ultimate Day

Game over. Finally, the contestants are dry, warm and a shower is at hand, followed by a well-earned rest in the quarters of Vyškov barracks. The last task, and at the same time, the last chance to change the final results is participation in the final technical meeting of team leaders and the competition organizers.

Into water again?

Despite the obvious tiredness of the contestants and their extra load to carry, almost all of the teams managed to find enough stamina to get through a 21-km night march with their times ranging from 3.5 to 5 hours. Only the 44th Lmopr B team called for transport due to medical reasons and resigned from further participation.