The Ultimate Day

Game over. Finally, the contestants are dry, warm and a shower is at hand, followed by a well-earned rest in the quarters of Vyškov barracks. The last task, and at the same time, the last chance to change the final results is participation in the final technical meeting of team leaders and the competition organizers.

Into water again?

Despite the obvious tiredness of the contestants and their extra load to carry, almost all of the teams managed to find enough stamina to get through a 21-km night march with their times ranging from 3.5 to 5 hours. Only the 44th Lmopr B team called for transport due to medical reasons and resigned from further participation.

Day two

Rain. Cold wind. Temperature just a few degrees above zero. The contestants' and organisers' fears came true. Luckily, the sun peeped through the clouds for a little while in the afternoon. By then, most contestants had completed the first half of the route and three out of the four disciplines of day two. However, the tasks did not exactly contribute towards their comfort either.

First day

The first Summer Survival discipline has been completed by the contestants. The run of the BIATHLON including penalty laps for shooting and grenade-throwing shuffled the places constantly. However, in the end, it was the 44. Imopr A Jindrichuv Hradec team that came out on top. The contestants are finished for the day.