About competition

About accomodation:

Participants will have prepared rooms inside our base. Each room has own toilet and shower.

Maximum price for one person per one night is 130 CZK (it is about 5 Euro), together it is 650 CZK to whole competition (from sunday till friday) per one person. But it is necessary to pay in our currency (CZK).


About feeding:

There are three canteens, a mess hall and a restaurant in our base. There is also a modest kitchen in the accomodation facility. And in front of the main entrance there is a food store.

The price of lunch menu is about 100 CZK.

The competitors will be out of base from Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon so for this time they have to take their own food in their backpacks. Other persons can use the base facilities.

About competition:

Examples of last year tasks:


Videos of previous years of Summer Survival