Czech Armed Forces International Outdoor Championship „SUMMER SURVIVAL 2023“

Summer Survival is a competition of 3-member military patrols requiring high standard of physical fitness, mental resistance and safe mastering of basic skills in all spheres of special physical training and firing small arms. Route and tasks of competition arise from movement and stay of a soldier in unknown terrain while fulfilling tasks in separation. Tasks testing individual abilities to react promptly, to thing logically and improvise and ability to cooperate and communicate within a group effectively are included. The contest takes place in broken and woody terrain of protected landscape area (PLA) Moravian karst.



  • Physical Education Department of Forces Development Section MoD


  • Training Command – Military Academy


  • August 21 - August 25 2023


  • Vyskov garrison, Military area Dedice, PLA Moravian karst


  • 3-member contest teams, 1 leader – only for foreign teams.
  • Maximum number of competing teams is set on 20. Five places are allocated for teams from abroad. 


  • Timely on-line registration, valid confirmation of health eligibility, personal documents.
  • Participants of the competition agree to the publishing of a video and photo documentation taken by the organizer.


  1. Preliminary registration until June 16 2023 to this address:

       Col Tomáš Říha

      Vítězné náměstí 5

      160 01 Praha 6

      Czech Republic

      Phone: +420 973 218 660

      Fax: +420 973 217 636


     2.  By 4 August 2023 fill out the electronic application form on the competition website.

  • Nominal application must contain: team name, section, unit or facility delegating the team; rank forename, surname, birthdate, ID number of team members and other persons (e. g. driver, etc.), binding request for accommodation.


  • On August 21 2023 by 10:00AM to the main gate of Training Command – Military Academy in Vyskov.


  • Valid travel papers, team list confirmed by commander of delegating unit, personal papers and confirmation of health eligibility (Contest office opened from 10:00 to 11:30AM).


  • Wil be provided by the organizer from August 20, 2023 according to the requirements (paid in cash in CZK).
  • Maximum currently price for one person per one night is 207 CZK (it is about 7 Euro), together it is 1035 CZK to whole competition (from sunday till friday) per one person. But it is necessary to pay in our currency (CZK).


  • Individually.


  • For muster upon start and end of contest: service uniform, beret.
  • For contest: battle dress uniform, solid military boots reaching above ankles.


  • Will be provided by organizer..


  • Team arriving in their own cars will be provided with parking lots in the location of the championship.
  • Teams arriving at the Prague airport can be transported from Prague to the location of the championship on August 20 or 21, 2023 according to their requirements.


      Cpt. Radoslav Kala

      Training Command – Military Academy Vyškov

      Víta Nejedlého

      682 01 Vyškov

      Czech Republic

     Phone: +420 720 009 310




Monday August 21 2023

  • by 10:00 arrival
  • from 10:00 to 11:30 registration and accomodation
  • at 13:00 – muster and ceremonial beginning of the Championship 
  • at 13:20 technical briefing of team leaders
  • from 15:00 – first day of contest

Tuesday August 22 2023

  • from 07:00 to 24:00 h – second day of contest

Wednesday August 23 2023

  • from 00.00 to 24.00 h – third day of contest

Thursday August 24 2023

  • from 00:00 to 16:00 – fourth day of contest
  • at 17:00 technical briefing
  • from 18:00 informal social gathering

Friday August 25 2023

  • at 10.00 muster, announcement of results and ceremonial ending of the championship

Note: organizer of the contest reserves the right for potential changes in the schedule with which all participants will be familiarized soon enough.


Each individual:

  • dress: battle dress uniform, solid military boots, baret according to army branch
  • survival kit (knife, head torch, canteen, field bandage, matches, kit for meal preparation)
  • water protection tools for personal equipment inside backpack (waterproof bags)
  • a pen, a notebook
  • a swimm suit
  • compass
  • individual First Aid Kit

Note: The organizer may change or add items on the mandatory equipment list depending on the execution of different disciplines. These changes will be made public on the competition website ahead of time.

Recommended equipment:

Rucksack, canvas, raincoat, groundcloth, sleeping bag, map cover, string, wire, ascenders, carabines, cords, axe…


  1. small arms firing
  2. on-load and off-load road marching
  3. orientation in terrain using map and compass, drawings and plans (in reduced visibility and at night)
  4. crossing artificial and natural obstacles
  5. giving first aid, self-assistance and transportation of casualty
  6. throwing at distance and at target
  7. swimming, diving jumping into water, wading
  8. movement on vessels
  9. climbing, protection, abseiling and rescue techniques
  10. preparation of fireplace, making a fire, meal preparation
  11. making a shelter
  12. other nontraditional and surprising tasks


Team leaders can make a written protest until 15 minutes after publication of results on the official notice board to the director of the championship. Protests are decided by a committee composed of:

  • Director of championship
  • Chief referee
  • Representative of leading teams


International champion of Czech Armed Forces will be given to the 1st team in OPEN category. Champion of Czech Armed Forces will be given to the 1st team of Czech Armed Forces.


  • Team on 1st-3rd place will obtain medals and certificates.
  • The winner will receive the Trophy Cup of Winners of Summer Survival.


Only physically fit persons without health restrictions can take part in the contest!!!