Day three - technical skills and strength

Seven. That is the number of disciplines prepared for the contestants in Baldovec camp site. No demanding transfers today. For the time being. But disciplines and cold rainy weather have already taken their toll on the contestants' energy. Climbing up the camp's tower, pulling up one of the team in a rope lift, moving a suspended log using a heavy club, pulling a 70-kilo effigy while crawling, making an improvised cooker and finally, make-shift sling shooting. 

Two hours left before the start of the second marching stage so prepare something to eat fast, have a breather, pack the stuff and get ready for the start. The day is almost over but not for the contestants - they carry on. Will they make it in time to have a rest or will they arrive in the morning and immediately go on to the disciplines of day four? More so, after each team has been given an extra 20-kilo load to carry with them in the form of two dummy anti-tank mines. 

Author: Cpt. Mgr. Dušan Nečas