The Ultimate Day

Game over. Finally, the contestants are dry, warm and a shower is at hand, followed by a well-earned rest in the quarters of Vyškov barracks. The last task, and at the same time, the last chance to change the final results is participation in the final technical meeting of team leaders and the competition organizers. This year, after some administrative information, again with no objections, the results are pronounced official. Day Four of the contest finishes as an informal gathering in the Král Jan Lucemburský where everybody has a drink to the successful completion and shares their experiences.

Day Five is the official day. Winners’ ceremony and presentation of the cups and prizes donated by the contest’s sponsors, congratulations from the main officials from the ranks of the organisers as well as participating units round up the events of this year’s contest. The Winners’ Cup Summer Survival for the following year is travelling to Jindřichův Hradec thanks to the team of the 44th Light Motorized Battalion, namely Lieutenant Pavel Hrubý, Sergeant Josef Babiář and Lance Corporal Michal Hrabě.

Author: Cpt. Mgr. Dušan Nečas